Local Grower Spotlight: Tea for the People

Posted by Nick Nowaczyk on

We love to support local.  Therefore we want to give praise to two special ladies who support our mission and vice versa.  Joanna and Megan from Tea for the People provide us with local herbs and more specifically freshly dried local Nettles.  Their Sister Project, the Driftless Herbal Exchange Network is a not-for-profit association of growers, harvesters & volunteers.  These are growers in areas like Eau Claire, Gays Mills and Viroqua. 

"Our business is dedicated to the health of the land, individuals and communities.  We are working towards becoming a worker-owned cooperative, and are willing to share our methods and practices in the hope of inspiring other businesses to take the leap towards being a part of a more resilient network that helps communities thrive.  We also introduced our Tea for Change Program in 2014, and we invite you to participate in increasing our positive economic impact on local communities."  Tea for the People  

Please check out their website  http://teaforthepeople.net/

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