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Sage and Rosemary are two herbs with a century-old reputation for memory enhancement.  They have also been clinically shown to inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AChE), a key enzyme in the brain that slows the firing of neurons.  Studies have noted that Rosemary and Sage may prove a safe and effective alternative for the prevention and treatment of impaired memory and cognition.  Check out our Brain Booster blend which contains both of these powerful herbs.

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Holistic medicine consists in the treatment of the spirit, soul and body.  Herbalism, in order to be holistic, must entertain the possibility that there is a spiritual side to the plant as well as the material side.  This leads us to the even greater possibility that Nature as a whole is a living, spiritual being.  Therefore, in order to use medicinal plants effectively we must understand how the body works in a holistic fashion and not in a isolated way.  Modern medicine and drugs focus on specific molecular changes in the body because they are isolated molecules themselves.  Herbs contain numerous...

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