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This blend is super fruity with blackberry, papaya, strawberry and Raspberry pieces.  Honeybush is a rich, super fruity delight that is naturally sweet and almost unbelievable!  This magnificent tea has a smooth and fruitful body that reminds us of those tangy tea blends currently on the market.  However it should be pointed out that this is completely free of flavoring agents and other ingredients.  Honeybush is a prized treasure for children and those that enjoy more flavorful teas.  Great iced!  Caffeine Free.  

Contains: Nettle leaf, Oatstraw, Honeybush, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Papaya, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry pieces, Hibiscus, Natural flavors

Steeping Instructions:
Boiling water
Steep 8 to 15 minutes
The longer the steeping time the stronger the tea


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